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Eon de Bruin

Founder of XrossBeat Media

About Us

Xross - Referring to Jesus and the Cross. Also why Cross is spelled with an X

Beat - referring to music and beat being the core of music

Xross + Beat = Jesus is the core of our Music

XrossBeat Media was found by Eon De Bruin, better known as Matthew10. The company started by accident, but clearly grew over the past years into a company that God is using to spread His Message.

Since God gave Eon a vision to start a music ministry called Matthew10, Eon build up a small recording studio whereby he produced, and later on recorded and mixed all his music. In time he also started producing and recording music for other Christian artists. He then called his studio XrossBeat Studios.

When Eon finished up his debut album 'Where It All Starts' in 2008, he couldn't get any backing from record labels in South Africa. He soon realised that it is also not easy as an independent artist to get your music played on radio if you don't have the backing of a record label.

He then contacted all the radio stations under the name XrossBeat Media, to get his music played; and it worked. His first single reached huge success and reached the charts on 3 radio stations.

In 2009, Eon started putting his album in retail stores, also under the name XrossBeat Media. From there on, things started growing.

With his debut album, Eon managed to get in contact with over 30 radio stations, numerous TV programs and magazines, and gained enough knowledge and structures to support other Christian bands that also struggles and can't get backing from record labels.

In 2010, XrossBeat Media launched 2 compilation albums that created a huge platform for 12 unsigned Christian bands and artists' nation wide. These projects are called Rocking The Future and Getuienis. Since it is not financially possible to sign up every Christian band in our country, we feel that it is still important to support these bands and to continue spreading the Word of God.

Within two years, XrossBeat Media grew from a small recording studio to a record label that support unknown Christian bands and musicians, distributes CD's to retail stores, and produce music videos and give the necessary support to get videos to be aired on TV.

XrossBeat Media is slowly beginning to make a statement in the local Christian industry and is starting to set a new standard. The aim: To equip and support Christian musicians in South Africa to affectively have an impact in our country by using their God-given talents.

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