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XrossBeat Academy

XrossBeat Media has signed numerous artists in the past with great

Success. But there is always room for improvement, or maybe inventing a new way forward within the Christian music industry.  We believe that XrossBeat Media shouldn’t just be a Christian record label with Christian artists/musicians, but a hub of musical ministries trained to minister affectively.

In the past, as with any other Christian record labels, we were always on the lookout for great talent.  But what we have learned over the years is that talent alone doesn’t make you a great minister.  You still need training to work affectively for the Lord.  We now strongly believe in training our artists before we sign them.

A lot of Christian musicians in ministry argued with us on this point.  For them you only need the guidance of the Holy Spirit to be an effective minister.  We agree to this to some point – you can’t minister without the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  But does that mean one shouldn’t be trained for the music ministry?

When Jesus appointed his disciples, He didn’t just send them out to minister from the word go.  There was a specific order which He followed before the disciples started of their ministries.

1. They were called by Jesus.

2. They walked with Jesus for 3 years, learning from Him.

3. They received their mission

4. They had to wait

5. They received the Holy Spirit

6. Then they went out to minister

If this is the road God chose for the disciples to walk before they could go out and minister, then surely we can learn from that.  As a Christian record label whose main focus is ministering through music, we want to make sure that all artists signed with XrossBeat Media has gone through these same ranks.

This is why we created the XrossBeat Academy.

We will continue to search for great talent and people with the same vision and heart than XrossBeat Media.  But once we have identified someone (or group), they will first go through a 1 year training program before their new music ministry journey can kick off.

Once the artists/group has completed 6 months of their training, a record deal will be proposed to them whereby XrossBeat Media will record a full length album for them, as well as shooting 2 music videos.  This is all free and the artist doesn’t have to pay for recordings or for the music videos.

Once the artist completed their full year of training, they will then appear on the XrossBeat Media artist list.  By then the first single and music video will also be ready to go out and the artist can finally kick off their ministry – fully equipped.

The XrossBeat Academy will also benefit all churches and Christian festivals, because they can rest assure that once they book a XrossBeat Media artist, they will be fully trained and equipped to minister at your church or event.  There won’t be any musicians with stars in their eyes ministering in your church, but someone that is called by God and has a heart to minister.  Someone that has earned his stripes.


If you are interested to be the first artist to join the XrossBeat Academy for 2017, then kindly complete the form below:

Application Form

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