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In this day and age good role models for our children are few and far between. They look up to the celebrities of modern pop culture and try to mimic their every move. Unfortunately, most of these pop stars aren't great examples for our children. The question is – do parents want their kids to be exposed to all the antics and scandals of these celebs?

The obvious answer is a big, NO!!

Because of the evident lack in good, positive role models for our children today, XrossBeat Media has taken the initiative and South-Africa's first Christian tween pop group, Victory5, was born.

Victory5 plays directly in on the “Disney”-type genre that is so popular among teenagers all around the world. The group exists of 4 teenagers between the ages of 12 and 17, making it easier for their target audience to relate.

Victory5’s aim is to create a positive influence on the youth of South Africa. Not only to be seen as good role models, but also to live the Christian values and morals that they proclaim through their music, lyrics and live performances. We believe that our country needs more than just a ‘positive message’. We believe that our country needs the ‘good message’, and this message is Jesus Christ. We need to let the kids know about His love and His grace, and that there is more to Christianity than simply going to church. These 4 young role models will show that following Jesus is a passion fueled by love, and that its not just going through the same boring motions everyday.

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Members:      Dianke Adams

Justin Hoyer

Zoë van Niekerk



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Victory5 - Ek Weet Wie Ek Is Victory5 - Hoofstuk Een... 2013 - 2016